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Just prepare, cook and wrap up healthy fresh food and take it to work, school, college.

"Meal Prep" a popular trend, whether USA, Europe or Asia, for people who pay attention to nutrition.

The demand for our everyday food changes noticeably.

We want to feed ourselves increasingly healthy, sustainable and balanced and we want variety, variety and information about the composition and origin of our food - and it still has to taste fabulous.

This mostly applies to dishes that we prepare at home in our own kitchen.


Lunch to go is trendy, popular and will save you some money.

Take homemade and cooked food from home, packed with sustainable materials.

Everyone can still remember the lunchboxes of school time. No plastic bags and other packaging material.


Her hot favorite soup fills him with nice practical and comfortable thermal cups, fine sandwiches or salads in the lunch box.

Prepare their soup, salad dressing in the evening and they have only early morning to sandwich their sandwiches and prepare the salad.

For a change, a fine natural yoghurt with fresh fruits and oatmeal.

Hot tea in winter or fragrant coffee in our pastel-colored porcelain thermal cups ..


You will find in our shop handsome and beautiful thermoses, chic bento boxes, trendy lunch boxes.


Start today.


By the way! Shortly you will find on our page a bloq with varied lunch recipes from around the world.


We will find something special and practical for you.

Things that make our lives and everyday life easier and beautify us.

            Things that you can use for years

            Things that have meaning


Every week you will find products with 50% sale

For the first order you will receive a small surprise. Let yourself be surprised.


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