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    Finally, a tabletop barbecue to use all together!


    A barbecue for appetizer or for friendly meals
    Designed to be placed directly on the table, it allows each guest to cook their ingredients together while eating and sitting around the table. Its dimensions are perfect to grill all kind of food: Prime ribs, skewers, sausages, onions, etc.

    Yaki barbecue is perfect for 6 people gathered around the table for a meal or for 20 people at a cocktail reception.

    With this table barbecue, the host doens’t have to stay away from his guests in order to check the cooking; rather, everyone is together to share a friendly time!


    Nomadic barbecue
    With compact and sleek shape, this nomadic barbecue can either be used at home or be taken nearly anywhere: on the beach, on a bike, to the campsite, etc. It is ideal for meals with friends or family.


    Comfy brazier for a warm atmosphere

    When the Yaki barbecue is installed in the centre of the table, it gives off a relaxing warmth that enables you to eat outside even in cool weather.


    Proprietary technology for maximum safety
    This charcoal and water barbecue is designed with a «cooling base» technology with a double-tank system: one charcoal tank and one water tank. The barbecue is cooled by thermal conduction from the metal to the water, which stores the calories without increasing much in temperature.
    The barbecue can be used directly in the center of any table.

    YAKI barbecue is the only barbecue with this technology that is certified to the UE standards.
    After 2 hours of cooking at 250°C (482°F), tests show that the table remains cool (an increase of only 10 °C – 50°F) and has no sign of burning.


    Easy to use and dishwasher safe
    Yaki is very simple to use! One only has to pour water in the metal tank and add charcoal in the dedicated tank. The barbecue fires up quickly and it works with usual wood charcoal. All parts are dishwasher-safe.


    Easy to use
    Even if all kinds of charcoal work, we will provide our own bamboo coal refills specially adapted.


    Premium accessories to cook all your ingredients

    The Premium Accessories are sold separately and allow you to grill all ingredients: meat or vegetable skewers, fried eggs and melted cheese in the dedicated pan, grilled vegetables and shrimps on the plancha, etc.


    Dedicated charcoal refills
    Cookut also sells smokeless charcoal bags specially adapted to Yaki barbecue. Each box includes 3 airtight bags. Each bag fires up one barbecue and includes:

    • 10 high-performance cylindrical charcoal with high cooking power: 2 hours of embers garantissent 2 heures de braises (3 times longer than traditional charcoal)
    • natural fire starters for a quick lighting

    These bags are easy to carry and enable a clean transport.

    You’ll have just the right quantity of charcoal to fire up your barbecue ; you won’t need to carry the big heavy dirty charcoal bag anymore!

    The wood charcoal is certified according to the NF EN 1860-2 standard.


  • Article details
    Modell:   YAKI
    MATERIAL:   steel
    PFLEGE:   dishwasher safe
    LÄNGE:   41 cm
    HÖHE:   17 cm
    BREITE:   18 cm
    HERSTELLER:   Cookut
    Color:   schwarz

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